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Online Courses for FPO functionaries

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

The objective of the course is to build a perspective of CEOs and/or Managers of FPOs on concepts and governance of FPOs. In addition to this, the course aims to build their capacities in planning and management of agri-business activities. This is for addressing the problem of member farmers..

Module 1

This module provides an overview of the need for collectivization of smallholder farmers, concept of FPO, its governance structure and role of FPOs in livelihood promotion.

Duration | 1h 3m 48s

Module 2

This module builds an understanding about the various legal forms of FPOs, their registration process, statutory compliances to be followed by FPOs as...

Duration | 37m 15s

Module 3

This module focusses on understanding the markets. It discusses in detail about the market players and market realities, market based production planning...

Duration | 47m 5s

Module 4

Through this module FPOs would learn about planning for various resources required for business. It includes human resource planning, physical resource planning...

Duration | 39m 2s

Module 5

The financial needs of an FPO, forms of finance options available and the various sources of finance for FPOs are discussed in this module.

Duration | 38m 3s

Module 6

This module highlights the important of Business Planning for FPCs. It builds and understanding of the Business Model canvas, components of business model...

Duration | 46m 21s

Master Trainer Programme

Session plans, Resources and teaching notes for Master Trainers engaged in capacity building of key functionaries and stakeholders related to FPOs. This material could be used for online as well as classroom-based training.

FPO Manak Tool

A simple tool to assess the performance of your FPO based on parameters such as Membership, Governance & Business Operations. Get recommendations to improve the performance of your FPO.


FPO Business Models

Successful business models from various parts of the country and across multiple agro-sectors having potential for replication
  • FPO Map of India

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